See Ya, 2017

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I have been procrastinating writing this post for days now. Part of it is that I can’t quite put into words what a life-changing and empowering year 2017 has been for me. So I guess I will start with New Year’s Eve one year ago.

Alex and I typically go out to an early dinner to celebrate New Year’s Eve then complete the evening by watching the ball drop in our pajamas. Last year, we were following suit at an early dinner together. Perhaps it was the glass of prosecco, or maybe it was just me feeling sentimental about another year passing, but we ended up having a very raw conversation.

Fair Isle Sweaters Hunter Boots Fair Isle Sweaters Hunter Boots

So blessed I get to call these two mine.

Fair Isle Sweaters Hunter Boots Fair Isle Sweaters Hunter Boots

A few months earlier I had convinced Alex to buy me a new laptop (see post here to get the backstory) so I could apply to become a stylist for Stitch Fix. I applied immediately and was waiting to hear back from the company at that time. While we were at dinner, I explained why I wanted to start a new blog. It almost turned into an argument. Alex thinks very logically, he likes to save money, and his days are thoughtfully organized and planned out. He didn’t completely understand my creative thirst, and he said that if I wanted to start a blog, I needed to write out a business plan for him. I think he thought that this would turn me away from the blog idea, but two days later I had a twenty-page document written and waiting for him upon his arrival home from work. He laughed, and I am so thankful that in that moment, he said, “Let’s do this” instead of dismissing my ideas.

Mommy and Me | Fair Isle Sweaters and Hunter Boots Stitch Fix hired me in June, and I officially started working for them this past September. Working for such a revolutionary company that truly caters to my lifestyle and allows me to be home with Lilly, but still pursue a career has been so good for me. In a lot of ways, it has brought a fullness to my life. I have a tremendous amount of passion and pride for my job, and company, and feel so fortunate that I am able to be fully present for Lilly, too.

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The same month I started working for Stitch Fix, Lilly started preschool. Having a second income and new found alone time throughout the week while Lilly was at school allowed me to dig into my creative, entrepreneurial pursuits. I bought the domain name for Style Her Strong last February but felt like I never had the time to sit down, and just start it. So after months of planning and patiently waiting, I finally was able to do so.

Fair Isle Sweaters Hunter Boots Mommy and Me | Fair Isle Sweaters and Hunter Boots My husband has been my biggest supporter. If you only saw “blog pictures” that he took a year ago (where my head is cut off and the whole picture is dark and crooked), you would be amazed with his transformation. I am so appreciative of his patience and selflessness throughout my blogging endeavors. He may not have always seen my vision for Style Her Strong, but does now, and is always eager to offer his amateur photography skills and business expertise up to help me with all the behind the scenes blog work.

I have always been a firm believer that you are happiest when you pursue the things you love in life. This year has brought me contentment, and I will always look back on 2017 as a year of great change and pursuits.

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As I sit here writing with Lilly napping on the couch beside me, and my whole family snuggled up in our living room, I am so thankful for this life that I am living. I look back on the years that are behind me, and each one has a life event or moment that defines it, and shaped me into the person I am today. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful year, and am excited to see what challenges and special moments I encounter in 2018.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and joyous 2018 filled with love and blessings. See ya, 2017!



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