Mommy Monday// Confessions of a Mom Doing Her Best

Confessions of a Mom Doing Her Best

Today started like this: Lilly decided that she wanted to wear a necklace of mine to preschool today. Not just any necklace, but the necklace my mom specifically had made out of my late grandmother’s engagement ring diamond as a gift for my own wedding. Those of you who know Lilly are probably laughing. She has a big personality, a strong-willed nature, and a stubbornness that my parents probably take pleasure in observing given that it identically matches my own.

Ten minutes later, I finally convince her that costume jewelry is a much better option.  She then requests to wear cat ears to school. Fine. I wave the white flag. Cat ears it is.

Halfway to school, she announces that she no longer wishes to wear cat ears and would like to remove her shoes and socks. This. Is. Motherhood.

Confessions of a Mom Doing Her Best

It’s days like today where I pour that extra cup of coffee and hide in the bathroom for a little too long. My to-do list seems never-ending, and I feel as if none of it will ever get done. It’s easy to lose perspective of what is really important. Sometimes I find myself grunting responses to my whining child as I am juggling life around me. I go into auto-drive. I do the necessities. I work. I workout. I meet my family’s requests. Rinse. Repeat.

However, daily, I feel like Lilly says something or does something that stops me in my tracks. She knocks me out of auto-drive with her sweet voice, her silly nature, her gentle touch.

She humbles me. She lets me live life at a slower pace. I see her learning and growing, and it reminds me how life-changing even the smallest moments with family can be. It makes me look at my own life and memories, and think about what impacted and shaped me. I find that she constantly helps me to reflect on who I am as a person, a wife, and a mother. Isn’t it amazing that such a small person can do that to you?

Today, I had a conference call with my boss. She had me do a self-reflecting exercise. The first was something that I am appreciative of, the second was something I regret.

Something I am appreciative of. When I really sit down and think about it. How do I even pick? There’s my child who makes me laugh until my insides hurt at least once a day. Who teaches me so much about life. There’s my husband who balances me. Brings my creative soul back down to reality. Who works so hard for me. There’s my job that allows me the flexibility to be home with Lilly during the young years of her life. That challenges me daily and gives me the creative outlet I crave. The list goes on.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what is missing from life. To look at your life, and only see what is flawed in it. I feel like often we get into these ruts of complaining, or wishing for, or just plain running on auto-drive. It’s exhausting to live life that way.

Confessions of a Mom Doing Her Best


My challenge to you this Monday is to find at least one thing you appreciate about each day this week. Focus only on that. Don’t let the cycle of negativity creep into your life. Remember how blessed you are.

Have a great week, lovelies! Let’s make it full of positivity!

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