Mommy & Me Outfits: Bell Sleeves & Pom Pom Shoes

Mommy and Me | Bell Sleeves | Pom Pom Shoes | Tartan Plaid

One transition that I have had to make from being a mostly stay-at-home-mom to now working is giving up perfection. When I say perfection I mean the Pinterest-worthy cookies, the clean and orderly house, the time to wrap ever present with the prettiest bow. I thought I didn’t have time back then. In a lot of ways I didn’t (shout out to the SAHMs out there, I know the battlefield you face daily), but I found that I could make time for more than I do now.

In a lot of ways, I think I put that pressure of perfection on myself because I wasn’t balancing as much. I also think there is a lot to be said about loving what you do. It brings a fulfillment to your life that I am very appreciative of after missing it for several years when Lilly was a baby.

Tartan Plaid Pom Pom Shoes | Mommy and MeMommy and Me | Bell Sleeves | Pom Pom Shoes | Tartan Plaid

(Lilly’s Outfit: Dress, Shoes // My Outfit: Dress, Shoes)

I feel truly blessed in so many ways to have the job that I do now. The flexibility of it combined with doing something I am passionate about has been such a great fit for me. I now get to be home with Lilly and pursue my dreams at the same time. Pinterest-worthy cookies and perfection just don’t seem to matter so much to me anymore.

Bell Sleeves | Pom Pom Shoes | Tartan Tartan Plaid Pom Pom Shoes

As we approach Christmas, I think we often stress ourselves out with finding the “perfect” gift or having the best light display, or prettiest wrapping paper. Those stressors distract us from what truly matters this time of year. I don’t think Lilly cares if my cookies are from scratch or a box. They all taste great to her. What she does care about is the time we spend together. I want her to look back on Christmas and remember our moments together, and how joy-filled she felt. Not that she had a clean house, perfect cookies, and a distracted mom.

May you all have special moments with your loved ones this holiday season.



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