Family Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

When I look back on my own childhood, some of my favorite fall activities were:

  • Raking vibrant colors of fallen leaves
  • Long Sunday walks with my family enjoying the fall colors lingering in the trees
  • Making candy apples & baking apple pies with my grandma
  • Picking the perfect pumpkin, and feeling so accomplished when I gutted and carved it all by myself
  • Getting lost in corn mazes, but not minding so much

It’s funny how those simple, special moments leave you, but upon becoming a parent you realize how significant and special they were, and what a great job they did at bringing your family together. Then, you suddenly want to bless your child with those same moments.

A book I go back to and re-read often is Hands-Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford (she also has an amazing blog linked here). In it, Rachel writes,

“Being responsible¬†for someone’s childhood is a big deal. We not only create our own memories, but we create our child’s memories.”


That has forever resonated me. My daily actions are creating memories for Lilly. What a great source of accountability and self-reflection. Just from one small quote. I want Lilly to experience the world. I want her to learn by doing and seeing and feeling. That starts with me, and with Alex and making an effort to not only be present with her daily but by making her the main priority for our weekend plans.

(Lilly’s Outfit: Jacket, Dress, Boots, Scarf//My Outfit: Jacket, Dress, Boots, Scarf)

One of our favorite family traditions has been to visit Green Mead Farm to pick our pumpkins followed by getting lost for some night-time fun in Chad’s Corn Maze.

I am one of those people who really can’t do massive crowds of people. We have visited many other pumpkin patches over the years, they’ve been fun (and often times crowded) but always pick our pumpkins at Green Mead Farm. I don’t know how they do it, but they grow the most perfect pumpkins.

This year, we failed miserably at Chad’s Corn Maze. We were supposed to find four letters that spell a word to crack the code to the “exit door”. We spent two hours in the maze and found one. Alex blames having to carry Lilly once she was tired, but nonetheless, we still had so much fun. We are coming back with vengeance to conquer the maze next year!

They are infamous for their gigantic light up pumpkin that my family looks forward to seeing every October!

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