Christmas Gift Guide: Preschool Aged Kids

I apologize ahead of time, a lot of the gifts I selected tend to sway towards the girlie side, but most of these gifts are great for both boys and girls of preschool age. Lilly turned three in June, and this is the first year that she has had any (many) gift requests. Of course, she wants the Barbie Dreamhouse and we got it at a “steal” of a price on Black Friday for a whopping $150. Everyone keeps telling me the costs get worse every year, and I am just bracing myself for the future.

Two themes that Alex and I have adopted with Lilly and Christmas gifts:

  • She receives three gifts from us, three from Santa. I don’t quite remember who told me they did this for their children, but they based it off of the gifts the wise men gave to Jesus. I really loved that.
  • Something they want, something for them to learn, something they need. For example, this year we bought her an adorable jewelry holder (which was actually a steal from T.J. Maxx) and a few fun necklaces to go in it. Then, I got her a scissor cutting workbook (I don’t know how I talked myself into that one because I have a feeling there will be other things than just the workbook getting cut), and finally for something she needs, I bought her a new winter jacket (she will be SOOOOO excited about that one). Santa brings her the fun surprises.

I’ve put together a guide of gifts that are perfect for play and growth for preschool age kids. Most have been Lilly approved!

  • We recently got Lilly’s first progress report back from school, her gross motors are pretty solid, but she is still struggling with fine motor skills like buttoning and cutting. The Learn to Dress Monkey allows your kiddo to practice zipping, buttoning and snapping.
  • The Horse Hopper is a great way to practice gross motor skills and work off some of that pent up winter energy.
  • I saw a newscast about the Osmo Starter Kit, and it looks amazing. I feel like Lilly is on the younger side of being able to use it still, so we are going to wait a while. Lilly has an iPad and I try to limit her time on it because I think it takes away from the touching, feeling, manipulating objects with your hands, part of learning. I love that Osmo works with the iPad to include that aspect of learning.
  • Two of Lilly’s favorites are her dress-up wardrobe from Kids Kraft and her castle tent.
What are some of your family’s gift traditions? Do you have any awesome gift ideas for your kids? I would love to hear them! May the force be with you as you find those ever desired presents for your kids!

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