Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

I am not going to lie. Alex is a really great gift giver. He’s very thoughtful with his gifts. Last year we both had to purchase new computers before Christmas, so the gifts we gave each other were minimal. For those of you who don’t know Alex, he is very passionate about planning ahead and saving money accordingly. We don’t make big purchases without a thorough discussion, investigation (best prices, deals, sales) and game plan.

Last year around Thanksgiving I mentioned wanting to apply to work as a stylist for Stitch Fix and that I wanted to start a blog again. My computer at the time had been around since before my college days. It had hit the point of no return. Alex immediately knew what I was asking for. He has this deep sigh when I stress him out…I think that might have been the longest sigh only tied between when I told him I was pregnant, and when we purchased the house we live in now. He rolled his eyes at me and shockingly didn’t say no. Instead, he got out his notebook (you know it’s business when the notebook comes out).

(Outfit Details: Skirt (similar), Sweater, Loafers, Necklace)

Thanksgiving day we were two of the crazy people at Best Buy when the doors opened. I am not sure if it was God parting the waters for us, or if we really were just crazy enough to be Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, but we walked in, we made our computer purchases, we walked out. It was literally a breeze (so much of a breeze that Alex made us go to Toys R Us on Thanksgiving this year and it was a total bust).

Since we had made big purchases before Christmas, we did small stocking stuffers for each other instead. But as the gifts were finally unwrapped, he pulled out the sweetest letter to me. It was a letter of promises for the upcoming year.

That truly meant more to me than any physical gift he could have given, and looking back a year later, this has been  one of the most fulfilling years of my life, and all because he has chosen to support me and what I am passionate about, even when my goals might not align with his own goals in life.

Back to the gift giving. When it comes to ladies, I always think it’s best to make one reasonable but special purchase. Maybe it’s a watch she’s been eyeing up. A new winter coat that she wouldn’t spend on herself. A new bag.

Gifts for Her

  • I love this Planner from The Living Well Shop. It’s a little pricey but makes the best gift as we start a new year. I always love practical gifts.
  • A pair of winter boots like the Sorel ones above. 
  • There is a new camera that I have been eyeing up for a while (wink, wink Alex). A tech gift that they will use frequently is a great gift to give. 
  • You also can’t beat experiences. I’ll talk about a fun gift idea I did for Alex a few years back around Valentine’s Day, but maybe an overnight trip somewhere or tickets to her favorite show. Something you can do together as a couple.

I hope this gift guide helps you find those special presents for the leading ladies in your life! I’d love to hear your ideas on what you will be gifting this year!

Happy Monday!




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