Christmas Countdown: Snowball Fight

Christmas is one week away! I finally feel like I have finished my gift list and can start to do all the fun holiday traditions.  This week on the blog, I will be counting down to Christmas with my favorite holiday outfits of the season.

You know that part of A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s mom bundles up his little brother, and he physically can’t move? I felt like that mom last week. With the inches of snow that accumulated, Lilly, of course, had a bucket list of “snow activities” that we had to accomplish. Those of you who have kiddos know what a task it is to get your kid bundled enough for snow activities. It takes a solid 45 minutes (I am being dramatic) to put on the layers and at least at my house, there is usually a fight about wearing gloves. If your kids are anything like mine, they are back inside within 15 minutes and on to the next thing.

Since I work from home, I try to make myself available to Lilly as often as possible. That is (or was) the appeal of working from home from day one. After three consecutive days of bundling Lilly and myself up to play outside for a short burst of time. I was pretty much over it.

(My outfit: Dress, Sweater, Boots)

(Lilly’s Outfit: Dress, SweaterBoots, Necklace)

 Of course, the next day, she asked Alex and I promptly at 8:00 pm if we could go outside (in the pitch black) and have a snowball fight, and was highly disappointed when we both said no.

Yesterday, the temperatures warmed up enough that layers didn’t matter so much. So after church, we said what the heck, and let her play in the snow (without a jacket, parents of the year over here). Seeing her giggle as she tried to form a snowball and throw it at her daddy is something I will smile forever about.

There’s something so magical about seeing your child experience the simple joys of life. A whole new level of appreciation is found in those small moments once you become a parent. Moments that I want to remember forever.

My challenge to you this Monday is to say yes a little bit more often. If you aren’t a parent, maybe it’s yes to something that takes you out of your comfort zone. If you are a parent, say yes to those activities your child wants to do with you that might seem like they are too hard, time-consuming, or messy. Sometimes those yeses turn into moments you will cherish always.



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